Easy installation and immediate assembly

Ideal for reforms: No works are necessary

Replacing conventional radiators

  • Easily adapts to pre-existing water supply systems.
  • Versatility of assembly, with connection on the right or left sides. Simply turn the exchanger, with no need for special components.
  • The equipment’s height covers the usual outlet distance. The equipment is designed to hide a 60cm high traditional radiator’s wall outlets with no need for modifying them.
  • The distance to wall outlets is the same as for a conventional radiator, 70 mm, thanks to the non-centred exchanger outlets.


Installation in two steps

  • Preassembled equipment, quick and easy assembly and installation.
  • It does not need an electrical installation.
  • Smaller dimensions and lower weight, making transport and installation manoeuvres easier.
  • Results in savings in installation costs.


No maintenance needed

  • Replaceable components which are readily available.
  • Removable casing. Easy access to inside components.
  • Longer lasting materials. They operate at lower temperatures and they are exposed to less expansions/contractions.
  • Easy to disassemble. May be uninstalled quickly in order to make wall painting easier.
  • Easy to clean.