The best partner for the new heat production systems


AquaBIT, optimizes heating

AquaBIT radiators have been specifically designed to get the most out of the new low temperature heat generation systems:

    • Solar support
    • Aerothermal energy
    • Condensing boiler
    • Diesel fuel condensing boiler
    • Geothermal energy

These devices represent a definite improvement to achieve efficient heating, with a high degree of thermal performance, minimum energy consumption and important savings in the heating bill.

* AquaBIT is also compatible with high temperature heating production systems such as traditional boilers, diesel fuel boilers, pellet boilers, etc…


  • Intercambiador Aquabit
  • Aletas de aluminio de alto rendimiento
  • Collarín envolvente

AquaBIT exchanger

The exchanger is the key element of the AquaBIT low temperature radiator.
It is made up of a copper pipe covered by fine aluminium flaps. Situated on the lower part of the inside of the radiator, it is connected to the heating circuit’s input and output.
The inside pipes distribute hot water evenly along the whole of the exchanger, transferring the heat to the aluminium flaps it is made up of, and these release it to the environment.

  • High performance aluminium flaps which improve the passing through of air and increase the heat flow.
  • Surrounding collar which increases the contact surface with the pipes, maximising heat transfer.
  • Welded bends with copper-phosphor-silver alloy, manufactured in an inert chamber in order to prevent scale build up.
  • Includes a purging device.